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About the conference

DBKDigital 2020

Covid-19: travel restrictions – lockdown – physical distancing? We carry on!

And invite You to our first digital event:  DBKDigital, this year’s German-Baltic conference. Just like DBKVilnius20, DBKDigital20 offers lectures by international experts and Your chance to discuss with us the four following future issues:  

Cluster A: united or divided – is there a way between individualism and collectivism?

Cluster B: For few or for all?  How can we ensure active participation in a digital society?

Cluster C: To whom shall my data belong? Data sovereignty.

Cluster D: Cure or Design –What kind of genetic engineering do we want?

How does DBKDigital work?

From June 3rd on, on every first Wednesday of the month a live-event will take place, focussing on one of the four topics mentioned above. Each event consists of a keynote speech that is streamed liv and followed by a Q&A session. You can ask your questions already during the talk via the Q&A  tool and will be answered afterwards by the speakers.

Those aged 16 to 30 are invited to continue the discussion all summer long in our online forum. For participating in debating Europe’s future, register here: In addition, you find further informationon the discussed topis and  

Are there any costs and where i can register?

The conference is free of charge. To participate, just fill out the register form. We will send you all further information and your individual zoom-link via mail.

If you habe any further questions, just send us an e-mail:


DBKDigital20 Cluster D 02.09.2020
DBKDigital20 Cluster D 02.09.2020
03 Jun 2020, 18:30 CEST – 13 Oct 2020, 18:30 CEST
18:30 MESZ / 19.30 CEST
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