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Call for Applications: Young Journalists

#EuropeShallHearYou at the German-Baltic Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania (October 24th - 27th, 2024)

Are you an aspiring journalist looking to gain hands-on experience, explore a new city, and immerse yourself in a new network of like-minded young people from across Europe? Do you have a passion for youth representation, participation, and exchange? Are you curious about how AI is shaping the world around you? Then we invite you to apply to become one of five selected young journalists to report on dynamic discussions and collaborations between young people and youth organizations at our annual German-Baltic Conference (GBC). This year, the conference will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, and will be covering the conference theme of ‘AI for Europe: Reinventing Crisis Management’. Help us to make our motto, #EuropeShallHearYou, a reality by contributing your journalistic skills to this unique project.

This will be the 6th year of our annual German-Baltic Conference, an event focusing on strengthening ties and fostering dialogue between young people and youth organizations from Europe, and in particular Germany and the Baltic States. Half of the participants of the conference are Youth Ambassadors (YAs) who work in 4 clusters where they discuss a subtopic related to the conference theme and develop policy papers on that subtopic. Each cluster focuses on one of the target countries (Germany, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania). These policy papers are shared with government and civil society actors from the local, national, and EU levels following the conference. The other half of the conference brings together representatives of various youth exchange organizations who are members of the German Baltic Youth Exchange Network (GBYEN). The aim here is to strengthen cooperation between the members and develop their expertise, skills, and societal outreach in international youth work.

This year, we are seeking young journalists to follow along with the work of the 4 clusters and the GBYEN network and report on their activities during the conference. We are looking for one journalist to shadow each of the 4 clusters, with the following subtopics:

  1. Cluster A “AI in Refugee Protection and Humanitarian Aid” (Target Country: Lithuania)

  2. Cluster B “AI in Healthcare” (Target Country: Latvia)

  3. Cluster C “AI and Disinformation” (Target Country: Germany)

  4. Cluster D “AI in Climate Change Management” (Target Country: Estonia)

In addition, we are looking for one journalist to follow the GBYEN working sessions, which will focus on international youth exchange and how AI can aid in their organizational objectives.


Your Role:

●     Shadow Your Cluster or GBYEN group: Engage with conference work sessions, workshops, and activities within your assigned cluster.

●     Participate in Other Conference Activities: Attend the other various activities in the program, including panelist discussion and keynote speeches, cultural activities, and social events.

●     Present Your Thoughts: On the final day of the conference, you will be asked to present a short overview of your impressions of the conference during the Final Results Presentation.

●     Create Content: Following the conference, you are asked to develop a journalistic piece of your choice (video, article, podcast, etc.) highlighting your conference experience and insights on your cluster or group’s activities. This journalistic piece will be shared across the DBJW’s social media and other platforms to your credit.

●     Network: Connect with conference participants and fellow young journalists.

What We Offer:

●     Full Conference Pass: Attend the 4-day conference for free.

●     Travel Support: Up to 200 EUR for travel expenses.

●     Accommodation & Catering: Free lodging and meals during the conference.

●     Publication Opportunity: Showcase your work on our platforms and gain visibility.

●     Networking: Access a network of over 80 participants involved in youth exchange and representation and the field of AI


●     Age: 16-30 years.

●     Background: Early-career journalists or students or passionate individuals in journalism, communications, or other related fields

●     Language: Proficiency in English is required as the conference is conducted in English

●     Motivation: Demonstrated interest in journalism and the topics covered by the conference (AI; Youth Exchange, Representation, and Participation)

●     Residence: You must reside in Europe

Do you want to become a Young Journalist at the 2024 GBC? Then fill out the

by the 11th of August 2024, and let us know what motivates you to become part of this amazing experience. If you have any questions, contact Alexandra: 

Share your ideas with us because #EuropeShallHearYou


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