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Keynote Didzis Melkis - #GBCRIGA22

During this year's German Baltic Conference Riga 2022, we've seen more than 60 participants out of 12 countries from all over Europe who came to Riga to discuss European issues concerning the umbrella topic of "Sustainability". The conference was divided into four main clusters, focusing on different aspects of sustainability:

GBC Riga 2022 Clusters:

  • “Sustainability and Consumption”

  • “Sustainability and Digital System”

  • “Sustainability and Nature”

  • “Sustainability and Democracy”

We are very proud that we have created a great event, where we were able to build bridges between young Europeans, who collectively contributed to creating policy papers, which are soon to be distributed. We are also very delighted that we were able to welcome special guests to #GBCRIGA22, such as Didzis Melkis, one of this year´s keynote speakers.

Didzis Melkis, is a Latvian Journalist and Communication Manager of the Non-governmental and Non-profit Organization MyVoice (ManaBalss) which is based in the target field of digital democracy and public engagement, found in 2011. The organization´s aim is to develop and promote digital tools to increase the capacity of public participation in the political decision-making process. The organization is also aiming to create and strengthen the digital democracy ecosystem in Latvia as well as internationally.

With great pleasure we'd like to give you the opportunity to watch and listen to Didzis Melkis´ keynote speech. The keynote on the topic "Digitally democratic? How technology is changing society and governance." can be watched here:

Have a look at our policy paper’s here:

PDF herunterladen • 10.51MB


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