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2nd Call for Applications: Become a Youth Ambassador! #EuropeShallHearYou

2nd Call for Applications: #EuropeShallHearYou at the German-Baltic Conference in Riga (27-30 October)

Do you think politicians should listen to what you as a young European have to say? Are you interested in meeting other like-minded peers that are passionate about a better representation of youth and their ideas? Are there creative new thoughts in your mind on how to make our society more sustainable and future-proof? Then apply now and join one of our four clusters to discuss these ideas as a Youth Ambassador at the German-Baltic Conference in Riga from 27th to 30th October. Europe shall hear you and that is why we are primarily interested in your ideas and your creativity! No prior knowledge needed!

This unique project aims to bring together about 40 young people from all over Europe and the Baltic states to discuss the crucial impact of sustainability for the future of the EU. The Youth Ambassadors have the chance to work together within four respective clusters:

Cluster A “Sustainability and Consumption”: Our daily consumption has considerable impact on our planet - from the food on our table to supply chains in the production. Therefore, this cluster wants to tackle the topics of sustainable consumption, food security and production to make each other conscious about a sustainable way of life.

Cluster B “Sustainability and Digital Systems”: IoT, Smart Cars, Optimization, and Digitalization are all innovations that we are now familiar with. However, this cluster seeks to understand the "paradox of innovation" and examines which digital solutions might be damaging and which are creative and sustainable.

Cluster C “Sustainability and Nature”: In order to master climate change as the central challenge of the 21st century, the transition to climate-friendly and renewable energy production is indispensable. This cluster would like to address the question of how to cope with the dilemma that the in principle infinite striving for growth of a profit-oriented economy is always confronted with finite resources.

Cluster D “Sustainability and Democracy”: During the past years, we could observe how essential the role of civil movements or NGOs in democracies is, in order to raise attention about climate-related problems and put pressure on politicians. This cluster therefore seeks to focus on how civil actors can participate in and impact politics.

As Youth Ambassador you have the great learning opportunity to participate in all four lectures and discussions rounds with experts from the different clusters. All our experts are connected to the Baltic States and will give you unique insights on a wide spectrum of topics related to Sustainability. Our online Summer School takes place on three consecutive Saturdays. On the 27th of August you will meet your fellow Youth Ambassadors and on the 3rd and 10th of August the online courses will take place. After the discussions, you will then have the opportunity to confirm your choice of cluster and start working on an official policy paper. These policy papers, with recommendations for our common future, will be the final result of the in-person conference in Riga. After which they will be shared with local, national, and EU politicians

The in-person conference will take place from 27th to 30th of October in Riga, Latvia. If you take part in the event in person, a fee of participation of 40€ ( – if you are living in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Mazedonia, Albania, Rumania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia or Turkey) or 80€ (– if you live in the rest of Europe) will be required. For the participation fee you will get compensation for up to 300€ in travel expenses as well as free lodging and catering during the conference. (In case of financial difficulties, please contact us!)

Youth Ambassadors need to be between 16 and 30 years old, have their current residency in Europe and be fluent in English.

You want to become a Youth Ambassador? Then fill out the

and let us know about what motivates you to be part of this amazing experience. If you have any questions contact Larissa Leiminger ( The last round of decisions will be around the end of July/ beginning of August.

Share with us your ideas because #EuropeShallHearYou!


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