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Media accreditation for The German-Baltic Conference Tallinn 2020 is now open.

To submit your request for accreditation, fill out the form here.

Important information:

Official media representatives will be considered. All media must complete and submit the proper accreditation form.

If you are being accompanied by a photographer or videographer or another colleague, please send us an individual application for each member of your team. All applicants will receive an email regarding the status of their accreditation.

If you have any questions regarding the accreditation process or about The German-Baltic Conference Tallinn 2020, please feel free to contact our press officer at

Republishing, embedding and linking to The German-Baltic Conference Tallinn 2020

We encourage you to share content generated at The German-Baltic Conference 2020 under the terms of our Acknowledgement Policy.

Any article or interview resulting from The German-Baltic Conference 2020 should mention the name of the German-Baltic Conference 2020 or display the logo of the German-Baltic Youth Office (DBJW).

Photos – Photos in high resolution will be available for download after the conference. While there are no copyright restrictions, please name the author of the photos, as well as The German-Baltic Conference 2020.



Accreditation for DBKDigital20
I like to attend to the following Clusters
Form of produced media

Thank you! Our press referent will soon contact you!

Um Pressemitteilungen zu abonnieren, senden Sie bitte eine entsprechende Anfrage an !


Marcel  Knorn

Logos und Symbolbilder des DBJW

Die angegebenen Logos und Symbolbilder können lizenzfrei zum Zweck der Berichterstattung verwendet werden.

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