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Become a Youth Ambassador!

You want to be part of a real European dialogue on current topics? You want to meet and discuss with experts and high level decision makers? You are interested and engaged in political, social, and scientific developments in Europe? And you are between 16 and 30 years old?

Then the German Baltic Youth Office is looking for you to participate as a „Youth Ambassador“ at our international conference. The conference itself will take place at the National Library in Tallinn, October 15th – 17th, and will be preceded by online discussions throughout the summer.

Apply to become a Youth Ambassador and get in touch with young people and experts from Germany, the Baltics, and Europe. Become a member of our conference team and create policy papers to improve European decision-making processes. True to our motto of “Europe shall hear you!“, you can share your ideas, concerns and hopes for the future of Europe.

Join us in one of the 4 clusters of our Tallinn conference:

A: Mutuality or one against another? Is there a way between individualism and collectivism?

B: For some or for all? How can we ensure active participation in a digital society?

C: Who shall own my data? Data sovereignty.

D: Cure or design – what kind of genetic engineering do we want?

Become a Youth ambassador, join your favourite Cluster, take part in 4 to 6 online sessions from June until October, and attend the conference in Tallinn from 15th to 17th of October. The conference will be held in English. Travelling expenses as well as board and lodging will be paid for by the German Baltic Youth Office.

Learn more about our past conferences in Vilnius and Riga:

Send your application:

Application deadline: May 7th 2021


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