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Poetry Slam Contest: A Shared And Peaceful Europe

Enter our first ever Future Foundation Poetry Slam Contest hosted by Country Office Germany. Submit your texts dealing with the topic of “Diversity connects” and be invited to our first round of competition on Instagram Live in June. The winners of the first round will move on to compete in Berlin on July 20th, 2024 to win some amazing prices.


Theme of the first round on Instagram: Diversity connects

Age: 18-25 years

Language: English

Submission Deadline: 7th June, 2024

Length of the text: up to 5 min

Please also include your insta handle in the submission!

Round 1 Instagram: 14th and/or 21st June, 2024

Finale: 20th July, 2024 --> choice of text is free

First price: Attendance of our German-Baltic Conference Vilnius 2024 and possibility to present your winning poetry slam there!

What we look for within the texts is that they fit with the theme. Style, creativity and the performance are important. It's not the idea that you have to conform with our views, but let us know how or what you connect with the topic.

Submit your texts to:


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