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Call for Applications: #EuropeShallHearYou at the German-Baltic Conference in Tartu, Estonia

Do you think politicians should listen to what you as a young European have to say? Are you interested in meeting other like-minded peers who are passionate about better representation of youth and their ideas? Are there creative new thoughts in your mind on how to promote and stand up for freedom in Europe? Then apply now and join one of our four clusters to discuss these ideas as a Youth Ambassador at the German-Baltic Conference in Tartu, Estonia in October 2023. Europe shall hear you and that is why we are primarily interested in your ideas and your creativity!

This unique project aims to bring together about 40 young people from all over Europe to discuss the importance of freedom for the future of our continent. The Youth Ambassadors have the chance to work together within four respective clusters:

Cluster A “Environmental Freedom”: This cluster addresses the idea that individuals and communities should have the right to live in a clean, healthy and sustainable environment. Is it possible to live sustainably and protect the environment without giving up individual freedoms? And does an unhealthy environment or unequal access to resources limit our freedom?

Cluster B “Freedom of Speech”: With the growing use of social media, incidents of online hate speech have steadily increased over the past decade. Despite its pressing importance, political solutions to combat hate speech are, however, either lacking or inadequate. Therefore, this cluster aims to discuss new policy instruments for countering (online) hate speech and will work on policy recommendations to better support victims of hate speech and to increase awareness and education.

Cluster C “Freedom of Movement”: One of the greatest benefits of the EU has been the freedom of movement of its citizens, but what does freedom really mean in the context of movement and current events, and how far does it reach? This cluster aims to explore this concept and envision what the future of the EU could look like with a positive application of it.

Cluster D “Freedom of Creative Expression”: Despite certain internationally accepted laws and conventions, in several countries one can still notice attempts to define legal criteria for acceptable creative expression, thereby establishing strict hegemony in cultural education and harming equal, diverse representation of different social groups and beliefs. This cluster will take a look at the historical development of freedom of expression and its contemporary issues, aiming to identify the main potential threats and attempts to limit it.

As a Youth Ambassador you have the great learning opportunity to participate in one of the clusters where you will discuss challenges for your respective subtopic and draft a policy paper which outlines solutions. The cluster work will take place in two stages. Stage one consists of several online meetings (May-September; approximately one meeting per month, the first kickoff meeting taking place on the 16th of May from 6pm to 8pm CET). Stage two will be an in-person meeting at the German-Baltic Conference in Tartu (26-29 October 2023) where you will finalize your policy papers. These policy papers, with recommendations for our common future, will then be shared with decision-makers on the local, national, and EU-level.

If you take part in the event in person, a fee of participation of 40€ ( – if you are living in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania, Rumania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia or Turkey) or 80€ (– if you live in the rest of Europe) will be required. For the participation fee you will receive compensation of up to 200€ in travel expenses in addition to free lodging and catering during the conference. (In case of financial difficulties, please contact us!)

Youth Ambassadors need to be between 16 and 30 years old, have their current residency in Europe, and be fluent in English.

Do you want to become a Youth Ambassador? Then fill out the

by 23 April, 2023, and let us know about what motivates you to become part of this amazing experience. If you have any questions, contact Johanna:

Share with us your ideas because #EuropeShallHearYou!


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