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German-Baltic Conference Tallinn 2020
European answers for the furture


Following the first German-Baltic Conference Riga “Building Bridges” in July 2019 the German-Baltic Youth Office will host a conference in Vilnius. Young people aged 16 to 30 from the Baltic Countries and Germany will discuss their views on these four topics: 

Cluster A: Mutuality or one against the other – a way between individualism and collectivism? (DE)

Cluster B: Just for few or for everyone? – How can we organise participation in a digital society? (DE)

Cluster C: Who shall own my data? - data sovereignty (ENG)

Cluster D: Cure or design – what kind of genetic engineering do we want? (ENG)

Each cluster consists of a keynote in the plenum, a panel with talks by experts and the workshops, in which the topics will be discussed. Keynote and panel talks are free for everyone, whereas the access to the workshops will be limited to 30 persons aged 16 to 30. Each participant can choose one out of the four clusters. All keynotes and the panel diskussion will be simultaneously translated (German/English), Cluster A and B will be held in German, Cluster C and D will be held in English. The conference is admission free!


In some cases the expenses for traveling and accommodation can partly be refunded, for more information please write to dbkvilnius20.dbjw@deutsch-balten.de.



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